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At Coach Pro 4U our passion is to help people find answers by learning to look at obstacles and situations in a different light. It’s about looking at the entire picture and not just one piece of the puzzle. Life has endless possibilities and we’re all about exploring them.

We are truly passionate about connecting with people and building relationships. It’s one of the main reasons we do what we do at Coach Pro 4U. It’s personally rewarding to see people grow, develop and have those ah-ha moments – that’s really what makes us proud to be coaches and mentors.

Dawn McGee, Certified Professional Coach at a speaking engagement

“Never Sacrifice your Morals, Values and Happiness for anyone, including Money!”

— Dawn McGee

Dawn McGee

Dawn McGee is a “Rock Star” in the Human Resource Management, Leadership and Organizational Development, Coaching, Building High Performing Teams and Employee Engagement arenas.

Since the age of 16, Dawn was destined to be an outstanding mentor and leader. She was the youngest individual in the country to enter into the McDonalds Store Management Training program! At the age of 20, while attending Northern Illinois University, she and several classmates were invited to Egypt to assist in the development of the weights and measures software for the Suez Canal.

Dawn went on to become the youngest member of the management team at a major grocery retail chain in Illinois. Her excellence in management was noticed on a National level when Lowes Foods Inc. recruited her to North Carolina in 1996. In 2006 a Fortune 15, CVS/Caremark, company noticed her outstanding leadership and developmental skills and offered her to be a Regional Human Resources Business Partner, managing over an 8,000 employee workforce that became the top producing state in the nation with sales exceeding
$3.3 billion annually.

At age 46, Dawn retired from Corporate America to share her passion of helping others achieve their goals and dreams while maintaining a balanced life. She has a unique way of helping others tap into themselves to become the best version of themselves while realizing what’s important in life while finding joy and happiness.

The Young Woman’s Guide to Success

By Dawn McGee

A must read for all… not just for women!

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